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Orchestra and large ensemble

'Requiescat' (2018) for chamber orchestra

'Nighthawks' (2017) for large ensemble

A companion piece to Copland's 'Appalachian Spring', this piece was commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and premiered by Ensemble 10/10 under the baton of Clark Rundell at St George's Hall, Liverpool.

'Lyme' (2015) for large wind ensemble

This piece was commissioned by Simon Channing and premiered by the RCM Wind Ensemble in July 2015.

'Phlebas' (2014) for orchestra

Phlebas began, as many of my compositions at this time did, as a selection of musically translated gestures taken from poetry. In this case the poem is 'Death by Water' – the fourth movement of T. S. Eliot’s The Wasteland . Phlebas alludes to the “Phoenician” whom Eliot talks about. As the piece unfolds, each of the gestures become less related to one another, in the end forming a landscape of disparate (and incoherent) literary references - much like the poem itself.